A Dereliction of Duty

There is a scene in the Movie “Saving Private Ryan” that has always stuck with me. Its the one where an American soldier, fully armed and able, watches an enemy kill one of his comrads during a hand to had fight. Presumably paralyzed by fear he simply stands there unable or unwilling to help and […]

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Past Value

” How much will you take for that?” a friend asks. “Oh its not for sale, it came to me from my Grandfather. Its priceless”.  A made up conversation of course but not an improbable one for we simply cannot put a price on the past. Why is that? Why are the  things from our […]

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Undivided Line

I have written a few things about the Sacrement of Baptism latley. Below is a bit more! The unity of the covenant and the unity of the testaments are central to the discussion of baptism. One’s view of the relationship between them will inevitably determine one’s ecclesiology and finally ones views on baptism. In similar […]

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ad fontes?

I have heard it argued (and sometimes ad nauseum) by Eastern Orthodox and even Roman Catholic friends that the Apostolic fathers interpretation of scripture is to be trusted and relied upon because they were so close to the events of the New Testament and to the Apostles themselves. However for anyone who has been preaching […]

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More baptism stuff….

For years, I was a proponent of what I now call “immersion as the only biblical model for baptism” a position that dovetailed nicely with another position on baptism I also once held (immersion of believers only). I held to both with a good conscience and indeed, I have friends and aquaintances that still do. […]

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Son of The South

If you know me you know I am a son of the South. I have in my lienage several Confederate officers and even a Chaplin who served under Leonidas Polk. Lots of family and a long, long line that stretches back to the very beginnings of this part of the country. Lawmen, lawyers, judges and […]

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I have been interacting with a friend on what it means to be a Christian. It is amazing the conundrum such questions become when they are considered apart from covenantal thinking. My buddy is no novice; in fact he is very astute but when faced with judgments such as above he has absolutely no way […]

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Worth Saying Again….

It is popular, in some circles, to bash Christianity under the guise of “organized religion” and to do so by alleging that “organized religion” is more about form than function. In other words, “organized religion” is more about theology and less about loving people. Therefore the truly spiritual, that is those that are able to […]

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A while back I preached through The Gospel according to Matthew. In doing so, I tried to be sensitive to the events and situations that lead Jesus to The Cross. While I do not think of The Cross as the most important event of the story (the resurrection is), it is obviously very important and […]

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