On the way to work yesterday I was listening to a pod cast on Anglican Radio. The host was interviewing a gentleman who had recently finished a book on creativity and the Trinity. The author’s name escapes me right now but he did get me to thinking. Some of the material below is dependent on […]

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In the West at least it is the case that most if not all of us are able to spend a considerable amount of time doing things we enjoy. That is of course a good thing and is, in large part, the result of our being blessed by God. Its also true that there is […]

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Full Homely Divininty

From time to time I hope to supply info and a link to Anglican and other Christian sites that I find to be helpful. One such is below… Like any comunity Anglicanism has its traditions, some of which are very ancient. A fellow ACC Priest shared this website with me which has a some very […]

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Evening Prayer

We are happy to announce that evening prayer will begin at the Bertram Free Library (here in Bertram, Texas) at 6:30 on October 15th. Please contact us via this site or our Facebook page for details and we hope to see you there !

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