Get it?

Americans are probably among the most competitive people in the world. You see it in all sorts of places and in a myriad of forms. Whether its keeping up with the Joneses, or cattiness in the office we love to compete, and so we do. Now I am not against competition. In fact healthy competition […]

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Organized Religion?

I heard an interesting statistic this morning. Apparently, 80% of Americans identify themselves as Christian though only 20% attend worship services on a regular basis. This statistic led me to consider how it is that being a Christian has become separated from the worship of God. There are many clues that point towards how this […]

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A Reed Shaken

One of the things I like to emphasize is that the Bible is (Divine) literature, and as such should be understood and interpreted “literally” that is in accordance with way in which we normally understand or interpret any piece of literature. Last week, during a Christian education class, I had the opportunity to talk about […]

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Some Back and Forth

Hey. Its been quite a while since I posted anything. So long in fact that I have began to worry that WordPress might get rid of our page due to inactivity or something. Anyhow I would hate that to happen and besides I have an idea rattling around in my head that might make a […]

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