Some Back and Forth

Hey. Its been quite a while since I posted anything. So long in fact that I have began to worry that WordPress might get rid of our page due to inactivity or something. Anyhow I would hate that to happen and besides I have an idea rattling around in my head that might make a decent post. So here goes….
I think sometimes Science can be, at the same time, both right and wrong about something.

Take for instance the idea that the universe is more or less expanding and contracting. If you are not familiar with the thinking (and I myself may not even be) the theory goes like this. Since the “big bang” the universe has been, more or less, flying apart. The day will come though when gravity will catch up and everything will contract ending creation as we know it. Presumably this will be followed by another “big bang” and once again we are off to the races, ad naseum. Now as a theologian slash carpenter I am in no real position to critic the Science. I can however note that it does, in a sort of neat kind of way, pick up on the way God does things. Think about this: every Lord’s day God calls His people to Himself by His Spirit for worship. In other words we (the church) sort of contract. But we dont stay contracted. No indeed for after we worship (and fellowship etc. ) we explode. We go out into the world and we seek, by His grace and good pleasure, to bring more of the “world”, not to its doom, but into His presence. The great thing is that the intended end of all this contracting and expanding is not one damn thing after another. No siree, not at all. The inteneded end is a new creation. New creation that goes on and on and on. Forever and forever. Amen!

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