Bad things to good people.

Have you ever asked yourself why bad things often seem to happen to some of the most well meaning and kindest people we know? Why is that? Moreover, why do bad things happen to godly people? It is a good question. I was at a recent gathering of Christian men where that question was asked […]

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Like any parents, my wife and I are very mindful of the habits we encourage or discourage in our daughter. For instance as a Christian father, I am concerned she learns to worship in a proper fashion (among other things of course). We are also very aware that the way we raise our daughter has […]

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Evening Prayer

We are holding our twice monthly Evening Prayer Service tonight at the Bertram Free Library Community Center 170 North Gabriel, Bertram Texas. We use the 1928 BCP and hope to see you there!

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Protestant thinking.

In terms of Theological discipline my training was mostly in what is called “Biblical Theology”. Bib Theo (for short) pays attention to the unfolding of redemption historically which is different from Systematic Theology which tends to collate and collect ideas into headings. Not to say I don’t do Systematics, for I do. Its been about […]

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More Organized Religion?

I wrote this a few years back while I was pastoring a small church in a rural community in North Western Colorado. It is popular, in some circles, to bash Christianity under the guise of “organized religion” and to do so by alleging that “organized religion” is more about form than function. In other words, […]

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No Healthy Word

Recently I have been thinking about a movement called the “Word of Faith” or the “Health and Wealth Gospel”. In this essay, I want to think a little about the way biblical terms and concepts are used by its preachers. In the event that you are unfamiliar with this sort of teaching the “Health and […]

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