The Sanity of Worship

In C.S. Lewis book “The Silver Chair” we are told the story of a prince who is under the enchantment of a witch, who plans to use him to enslave and control the land of Narnia. The enchantment is ironic in that the prince is promised, by the witch, that which is already rightfully his. This works because the prince is completely unaware of who he truly is, due to the enchantment. In fact, he believes himself to be normal, with one important exception. For one hour each night the prince is bound (he is told for his own good) into a silver chair, and it is during that time that he becomes what he once was, for then the enchantment temporarily wears off. The story is very entertaining and like most of Lewis fiction, it is filled with Christian motifs and echoes from Scripture. Moreover, like most of Lewis’s work it has a lot to say about who and what we are now, and what we someday will be.

For one hour, a day, the prince of Narnia was in his right mind.

That is, for me at least, an interesting concept. One that not only bears contemplation, but also has something to say about us Christians. After all, do we not spend the larger part of our lives in a sort of enchantment as well, going about our daily task with only the vaguest thoughts of whom we really are and what our relationship to this world and the one to come really is? Is it not true that we often forget we are, after all, heirs of the universe in Christ and in Him also its rightful rulers and owners? Of course we do, and so God gives us a weekly reminder.

When does that happen?

We are reminded of this, or should be reminded of it, every Lord’s Day when we gather to worship. For it is then, for an hour or so, that we are reminded of, and indeed in a very real way become, increasingly, what we truly are. It is when we gather together with The Lord’s people in His name (and not on TV) that we are most truly human, and increasingly what we will one day be eternally. It is then, for an hour or so, that we are in our right mind.

So, do you want to be a prince? do you aspire to greatness and royalty? Do you long to feel normal? Then bow in anticipation of it, now.

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