What to do with the Homily

You may have heard it said, “Prayer changes things, and sometimes the thing it changes is you”. This is a true saying and one most can relate to personally, for it is often the case that the thing that needs changing most is our perspective. Now interestingly this (the need for a change in perspective) […]

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So, according to the last half of Matthew 18, we are to seek reconciliation when sinned against, which means confronting the one who has sinned against us and forgiving the repentant brother or sister from the heart. Yet, what are we to do when the same person sins the same sin against the same person […]

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Suffering in Romans

Romans Chapter 8 begins with the proclamation of “no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus”. No condemnation, none, zero, zilch; a statement that is at once of supreme comfort (to those in Christ), but also, if we are candid, at least a bit puzzling. Especially in light of “the reality’ of how we, as Christians, […]

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The Other Feminism

I have run across some odd ways of looking at things in my decade or so of ministry. Now I readily admit that part of the reason for this is my own ignorance and lack of imagination, rather than oddness on the part of others. Yet not always. I am thinking now about an odd […]

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The Latest and Greatest

Is the latest always the greatest? According to an article by Ken Meyers in a recent edition of “Touchstone” titled “No Time Like the Present” the answer is, in the world of technology and machines at least, “yes”. Mr. Meyers provides the following quote from C.S. Lewis that is much to the point: “I submit […]

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Forgiveness and the ability to forgive are, nearly universally, seen as desirable. Yet, it is often very hard to forgive someone even though the results of being unforgiving are just as bad, and maybe worse, than the initial slight. Sometimes bitterness follows. Still, forgiveness is difficult, even when it is our best interest. Why is […]

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He is risen! St Boniface Mission will be reading Morning Prayer at the Bertram Nursing and Rehabilitation Center this morning, a Homily will also be preached. Evening Prayer will be read at the Bertram Library Community Center at 5:00. We would love to have you join us, in the service and in the Mission work. […]

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