The Repentance Party

A few years back family and I had an opportunity to visit some friends in New Mexico. We love to travel and when we do we often stay in motels and then do something we are not able to do at home; watch network television. So one Thursday evening found us in Santa Fe, New […]

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When talking about (or decrying) things like “religious formalism”, it is important to define what we mean by the phrase. A good place to start is by considering what we do not mean, or what we cannot mean. First, let us look at “religion”. In this essay, the words “religion” and “Christianity” are synonymous. Formalism […]

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Who Baptized You?

Probably more than any other religion Christianity, and Christians, enjoy debate and argument, and often debate and argue about the basics of the faith. Take for instance the sacraments and among Protestants and even Anglicans especially one in particular: Baptism. Questions on the topic abound, but as I think about the subject most, if not […]

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