The Repentance Party

A few years back family and I had an opportunity to visit some friends in New Mexico. We love to travel and when we do we often stay in motels and then do something we are not able to do at home; watch network television. So one Thursday evening found us in Santa Fe, New Mexico in a hotel room doing just that; watching Fox News and an interview with Sarah Palin.

For the most part, I was happy with the way Sarah answered most of the questions. However, the last question gave me cause to think. The question was (more or less) this: what do you (Sarah Palin) think the United States has to do to “get back on track”. Her answer was predictable, in that it seemed to presuppose generic conservative values. Her answer was (more or less): getting back on the right track is going to involve the recovery of the ancestral values that made this country great.

However as good as it sounds self-reliance and hard work are not the key to our country’s “salvation”. About this Sarah Palin is completely wrong for the key to America’s salvation, and to anyone’s salvation, is Christ. Moreover, for America that means repentance. We must repent of the horrendous sin of abortion, of being global busybodies, of secularism, bigotry and atheism. We must as a nation repent from sloth, greed, injustice and stealing other people’s money. America and Americans need to turn from their sins and back to Christ. Until that happens there is no hope for this country. No hope at all.

Sarah Palin, Ron Paul, or anyone else, notwithstanding.

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