As a Priest I do a lot of reading and read a whole lot of theology. Consequently I own a whole lot of books, so many in fact that when asked “if I have read them all” I usually reply “some of them twice”. A while back I promised myself that while I will buy […]

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Not so Insane

One night my wife, Marlene, and I sat down to watch a video titled “My Dog Skip”. Now anyone that even barely knows us knows that we are great animal lovers. We have a border collie, four cats, and once had  50 or so tropical fish. As we put the DVD in the player I […]

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We recently celebrated the 500 anniversary of the Protestant Reformation and I have cause wonder at how applicable the story of Jonah is for that day, today (Anglicans too). Jonah was a real man who lived in a real place at a specific time in redemptive history. He was a man, a prophet, whose story […]

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