As a Priest I do a lot of reading and read a whole lot of theology. Consequently I own a whole lot of books, so many in fact that when asked “if I have read them all” I usually reply “some of them twice”.

A while back I promised myself that while I will buy new volumes (as needed of course) I would also make an effort to read the ones I already own.

Looking through my stacks the other day I came across a volume I sort of inherited while we were in Toronto. The book, by Lewis B. Smedes , is titled “All Things Made New” .

It was an unfamiliar work by an unfamiliar author and it looked to be fairly old.

Still, the title intrigued me and so I had a look. I am really glad I did. The book describes itself as “a theology of man’s union with Christ”. It is that indeed!

I found this great quite about baptism there:

“If baptism is only a dramatized testimonial of my prior faith, it falls when my faith fails: it is no stronger than my faith. But baptism says to me that God has initiated me into the new order of things. And when I personally doubt the reality of my Christian self, when the past dead self seems too real to me, I can recall my baptism and be assured that God once identified me as a member of His new creation. My baptism says to me:Jesus Christ did in fact die and create a new life for you.”

So, we are never called to trust in our baptism, but to remember it.


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