Who Baptized You?

Probably more than any other religion Christianity, and Christians, enjoy debate and argument, and often debate and argue about the basics of the faith. Take for instance the sacraments and among Protestants and even Anglicans especially one in particular: Baptism. Questions on the topic abound, but as I think about the subject most, if notContinue reading “Who Baptized You?”

Mormons, J.W.’s, Masons and More…

On any given morning nearly anywhere in America, it is usual see Jehovah’s Witnesses canvassing the neighborhood . I often see Mormon Missionaries as well. Though both of these groups are (rightly) classified as false religions they are particularly bothersome in that they view themselves as being within the stream of historic Christianity. That isContinue reading “Mormons, J.W.’s, Masons and More…”