The Spirit’s Leading

Over the years I have taught many bible studies. I usually employ a sort of lecture/ interactive format and if there is a lectern at hand (as would usually be the case in a Sunday School class) I will almost always employ it. My classes and studies are typically well received yet on occasion I have had folks express reservations about such a structured class or study thinking that in some way or another structure quenches the Spirit.

I find that odd especially when it comes from a tradition that employs a structured or very structured worship service, such as the prayer book. Few would say that the BCP service somehow quenches the Spirit, anymore than say employing a Hymnal would!

Now we all want and need the leading and work of The Spirit in our lives, but what we may sometimes forget is that like most operations of God the works of the Spirit are, what I like to call, “incarnational”. That is He employs definite means. So, the operations of The Spirit are not normaly invisible, undefined or ambiguous. They employ flesh and blood and even books, paper and lecterns or human formats. Now without a question there are times when the Spirit works in an extraordinary fashion.

But its just that; Extra-ordinary. It seems God likes the ordinary.

Published by Fr. Rogers Meredith

I am an Anglican Priest Canonically Resident in the Episcopal Diocese of Ft. Worth , Anglican Church of North America. .

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