The Downfall of the 60’s

During the 60’s young folk now know as ” Hippies” caused quite a row in the US. In general they were folks protesting and even revolting against a society that had long been propagating injustice, greed and inhumanity. They were right in doing that. However they were wrong in that they also equated Christianity, ReligionContinue reading “The Downfall of the 60’s”

Lex Talionis (Part one)

Anyone who has visitied a FB page or an internet chat group where theology is discussed will, sooner or latter, come across a discussion on the Law. Yet, Biblical “Law”is a term that needs some definition since it can refer to “The Ten Commandments” or to what is called ” The Ceremonial Law” or toContinue reading “Lex Talionis (Part one)”

Do We Have to go to Church?

I heard an interesting statistic this morning. Apparently, 80% of Americans identify themselves as Christian though only 20% attend worship services on a regular basis. This statistic led me to consider how it is that being a Christian has become separated from the worship of God. There are many clues that point towards how thisContinue reading “Do We Have to go to Church?”