A Concise Summary of Corinthians.

A few years back, I preached through Paul’s letters to the Corinthians. I actually began with 2 Corinthians and then went on to 1st.

Below is a summary based on my notes.

1. The Church is the Temple of God, His presence dwells in us and so we are Holy. Holiness is to be understood in terms of ownership by God.

2. Factions are caused by immaturity in the body and must be dealt with, and can only be dealt with by growing up.

3. Therefore the weaker members of the body are essential, for apart from them we cannot mature for maturity is achieved when we become like Christ. The weaker members of the body afford to us the opportunity to be like Jesus by setting ourselves aside on behalf of another.

4. The body of Christ is the context in which we live and grow. In it we are fed and nourished by the head. We must be careful though for others before us also had much the same advantage and many of them fell.

5. Therefore use the gifts God gave you to nourish and strengthen the body.

6. To turn your back on the body is to turn your back on Christ.

7. Be very careful that you do not act in such a manner so as to discourage someone in the use of their gift for apart from love gifts are nothing.

8. Anyone that does not love Jesus is cursed, those that love Him are blessed.

Published by Fr. Rogers Meredith

I am an Anglican Priest Canonically Resident in the Episcopal Diocese of Ft. Worth , Anglican Church of North America. .

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